Guest Blog- Cameron Richardson NQT

‘Expect the unexpected’ a saying that can undoubtedly explain the teaching profession. However, I don’t think that teaching through a pandemic was on anyone’s list of unexpected – definitely not mine anyway! So what’s it like teaching during a pandemic? It’s confusing. One day we are welcoming our children back to school and the nextContinue reading “Guest Blog- Cameron Richardson NQT”


I’m bolshy and gobby so I don’t get anxious. I’ve never had anxiety and I don’t understand what it feels like. Positive people don’t get anxiety. None of the above is true but it’s the perception of many of me. I know exactly when my anxiety started- it was 11 months after the sudden deathContinue reading “POSITIVE PEOPLE DON’T GET ANXIETY”

All change- lockdown leadership

Lockdown Leadership- all change. Last week I was on an online meeting and a staff member asked the others to do a round of applause for me and the leadership team for our dealing of the lockdown situation thus far. I was moved beyond words because it was a validation, I perhaps didn’t even knowContinue reading “All change- lockdown leadership”