This is me!

This is me!

Too often currently I see teachers and leaders comparing themselves to others. There are some amazing personalities in life and on twitter and it can be easy to start feeling inadequate. It can also seem as if there is one ‘right’ way to do things- there isn’t despite conversations to the contrary.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the messages we tell our pupils everyday- there is beauty and strength in being different. We allhave different strengths and some are not as visible as others to the outside world. Having faith in ourselves is perhaps the hardest part of being human when many around you seem to be better, bolder, more organised, more confident, more knowledgeable…… the list is endless.

Take me as a leader- I’ve talked about imposter syndrome before and how it can impact on me but I work hard to overcome those feelings and try to recognise that there is strength in being me.

I like to think I have grown as a leader over the years and my priorities have changed. Nowadays for example the well-being of my staff and pupils is the most important part of my role- more important than attainment if I am honest. Many would disagree, not that well being is important, but that it is the most important part of the role and lead with different values at the heart. I lead the way that I think is right for my school and right for me, right now. That may change. It is not the way others lead. Some might feel it is not the right way to lead but it is MY right way.

If I compare myself constantly to others then I run the risk of questioning my very values and being someone I’m not – to me authenticity is key. You cannot be authentic if you are trying to be someone else.

It’s not that I don’t value others opinions it is just that in some things you need to put your mark in the sand, commit and stand unmoveable. If I constantly compare myself to others I will never be good enough. There is a difference between striving to improve and needing to be the best.

I have always hated the motto- ‘only your best is good enough’ because it is a goal that isn’t achievable 100% of the time. I am my best for most of the time- for the rest of the time I am trying- I am human and to me that is good enough.

Things I know about myself:

  • I get it wrong sometimes despite trying not to
  • I will always stand up for what I believe is right even if that means standing alone
  • I will always challenge injustice
  • I will always put my children, staff and community first
  • I am not perfect
  • I make mistakes
  • I am not the best but I am good enough

I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be- this is me!’

One thought on “This is me!

  1. So affirming and renewed-strength giving. Much appreciated on a cold dark Saturday morning with everyone asleep after a very exhausting week. Thank you to YOU

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